SSEAYP spirits continue in the Social Contribution Activities

Report of the Post-Program Activity (PPA) of the 39th SSEAYP 2012

The 39th SSEAYP Participating Youths (PYs) from the Philippines successfully carried out their PPA on June 13-15 2013 at Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines.

They donated 5 seater yellow boats to the fishing community and school children to provide more opportunity and easier access to basic education.  This project was mainly funded through the on-board project “Change for Change” in which coins of different currencies had been collected from the 39th SSEAYP participants.

The 39th Philippine contingent also conducted complementary programs such as Leadership training for Grade 6 students, W.A.S.H. (Hygiene Program), Basic Theater workshop as well as turnover of educational materials in cooperation with SSEAYP International Philippines.

Other contingents are planning to carry out their PPAs to contribute themselves to communities with their SSEAYP spirits. 

Project Banner “Project Hope Philippines – the 39th SSEAYP Philippine Youth Ambassadors of Good Will”

 PPY with school children who received yellow boats

Donated yellow boat with the SSEAYP 2012 logo

 PPYs carrying yellow boat to the lake

School children practicing to ride a boat to go to school

PYs and school children

Turnover of educational materials

PPYs demonstrating how to wash hands for hygiene

Activities with school children in the fishing community

Workshop activities

PPYs and the family in the fishing community

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