The Facilitators Meeting was held in Tokyo!

   The Facilitators Meeting for the 40th SSEAYP 2013 was held in Tokyo on Aug 12-15, 2013.  Eight Facilitators from ASEAN and Japan were gathered at the Cabinet Office.
   The common theme for the Discussion Program and the Post-Program Session in SSEAYP 20
13 is "Youth Participation in Social Activities" with eight discussion group themes.  It aims to deepen the understanding of the current situation and motivate Participating Youths (PYs) to act for solving problems in various fields of each country.  At the end of the program, PYs are expected to come up with concrete ideas for possible post-program activities to utilize the results of the Discussion Program.

<Discussion Group Themes and Facilitators of the 40th SSEAYP2013>

Discussion Group Theme



Participation Year of SSEAYP

Corporate Social Contributions

Ms. Precious Ann A. Legario



Cross-cultural Understanding Promotion

Ms. Korawee Sapmanee




 (Natural Disaster Reduction)

Mr. Andi Syukri



Food and Nutrition Education

Ms. Natsuko Minemura



Health Education

(Measures against HIV/AIDS)

Mr. Nery N. Ronatay



International Relations

(ASEAN-Japan Cooperation)

Mr. Kosin Phonmang



School Education

Mr. Thanit Kongkaew



Information and Media

Ms. Khaisarah Binte Mansor




SSEAYP International Indonesia

SSEAYP International Singapore

SSEAYP International Brunei Darussalam (BERSATU)

SSEAYP International Lao