Report of the Legendary 40th SSEAYP 2013

The 40th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program 2013 ended with a huge success.

Let us take a look at highlights of the legendary 40th program!!

Schedule of the 40th SSEAYP2013

Activities in Japan

Oct 28

Arrival of ASEAN PYs

Oct 29

Inauguration Ceremony

Welcome Reception

Oct 30

Institutional Visit

Oct 30 – Nov 1 

Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit

Oct 31 Japan – ASEAN Cultural Exchange

Nov 2 - 5

Local Program in 11 prefectures


Nov 7

Set sail for Vietnam

Nov 14 - 17


Nov 20 – 24


(Visit to Lao P.D.R. by representatives)

Nov 29 – Dec 2


Dec 6 – 9


Dec 12

Okinawa (Japan)

Dec 16

Tokyo (Japan)


<Activities in ASEAN port of calls>

Representatives of ASEAN and Japanese governments signed the SSEAYP 40th Commemorative Joint Statement

Japanese Local Youth experiencing Malaysian body painting (Hena) at Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit

<Activities in ASEAN port of calls>

National Leaders of the 40th SSEAYP were warmly welcomed by a representative of Vietnam Youth Union at Welcome Ceremony

PYs learning how to play traditional music instruments by local high school students in Thailand



PYs talking with the local elderly at care home in Singapore

Farewell to host families at the Send-off Ceremony in Philippines

<Activities on board the ship >

PYs presenting their discussion outcome during Discussion Program

Cambodian PYs explaining their ancient myth during their National Day Presentation

SSEAYP International Indonesia

SSEAYP International Singapore

SSEAYP International Brunei Darussalam (BERSATU)

SSEAYP International Lao