The 41st SSEAYP in 2014 is starting soon!

The Conference of the Representatives of the Ten Southeast Asian Countries and
Japan for the 41st SSEAYP in 2014 was held on June 2-5 in Tokyo, Japan.

The conference is called "June Conference" in short where all ASEAN and Japanese
governments as well as representatives of alumni associations gathered to discuss
and agreed the basic schedule and guidelines of the 41st SSEAYP.

​<Government and Alumni Representatives of ASEAN and Japan>

Starting from this year, the name of the program is changed to "the Ship for Southeast
Asian and Japanese Youth Program".  The abbreviation will remain the same familiar

The conference also agreed this year's port of call countries as follows.
  - Japan: Oct .29-Nov. 7
  - Brunei Darussalam (Muara): Nov. 13-16
  - Cambodia (Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville): Nov. 19-23
  - Myanmar (Yangon): Nov.28-30
  - Indonesia (Surabaya): Dec. 5-8
  - Japan: Departure of NLs/PYs on Dec 18

It is remarkable to state that Cambodia will be one of port of call countries for the first
time in the SSEAYP history.  The 41st SSEAYP will visit Yangon, Myanmar and
Surabaya, Indonesia for the second time.

​<Two days conference were held in the Cabinet Office>

​<Representatives from Brunei government and Alumni Association
  discussing about the Country Program as the first ASEAN port of call>

During June Conference, alumni representatives also held the 65th Council of
Presidents (COP) Meeting.  The main agenda were 1) SI activities, 2) SIGA,
3) SI Financial Report, 4)Reunion on Board.

​<Alumni Representatives of the 65th COP meetings and SI Secretariat>

If you are ex-PYs and to be part of the 41st SSEAYP, contact your alumni associations
to join the Reception Committee and ROB at each port of call. 

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