Get ready for the 41st SSEAYP 2014!!

Pre-Departure Training (PDT) of SSEAYP2014 started in participating countries.  Alumni Associations (AA) and SI are cooperating with respective governments for the newest PYs to be ready for this year's program.  In the PDT, Ex-PYs help the PYs 2014 deepen the understanding of each activity through sharing their SSEAYP experiences.

<PDT in ASEAN countries>
Discussion with everyone in the contingent leads to a good team building.

**Lao P.D.R.**

Ex-LPYs sharing their experiences during the 41st SSEAYP LPY orientation.

<Upcoming schedule of the 41st SSEAYP 2014>
(1)  Facilitators Meeting ------------------------  Aug. 11-14
(2)  National Leaders Meeting -----------------  Sep. 16-19
(3)  Arrival of ASEAN PYs to Japan ---------  Oct. 29
(4)  Inauguration ceremony in Japan ---------- Oct. 30
(5)  Country Program in Japan ----------------- Oct. 30-Nov. 6
(6)  Cruise/Country Program in port of call --- Nov. 7-Dec. 17
(7)  Departure of ASESAN PYs from Japan--- Dec. 18

<Cruise Schedule and Reunion On board (ROB)>

Port of Call



Tokyo (Japan)

Nov. 7


Muara (Brunei Darussalam)

Nov. 13-16

Nov. 15

Sihanoukville/Phnom Penh


Nov. 19-23

Nov. 22

Yangon (Myanmar)

Nov. 28-30

Nov. 29

Surabaya (Indonesia)

Dec. 5-8

Dec. 7

Tokyo (Japan)

Dec. 17


*** To join ROB at port of call, please contact your Alumni Association (AA).
*** Each AA has a different registration rule and deadline.

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