Message from SI Secretary General

Welcome to the official Website of SSEAYP International (SI)!  SI is an international organization established in 1987 comprising of the alumni associations (AAs) of the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Program (SSEAYP) in ASEAN member countries and Japan.

Recently, SI focuses more on social contribution activities, which are called “SSEAYP Go & Grow.”  As SSEAYP nurtures and develops leadership skills of participating youths (PYs), SI serves as a platform to practice their initiative and put PYs’ ideas into action through post-program activities.  By collaborating among ex-PYs and using the network of SI, we are able to conduct social contribution activities in all over the region and further tackle worldwide challenges.  SI will continue promoting further communication among and beyond our members and it is my great hope that more people will be connected each other all over the world through this website.

Shiratori Masanobu
Secretary General
SSEAYP International

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