The Ship

MS. FUJI MARU (2009-2012)

After our beloved 3 ship named Nippon  Maru served the SSEAYP for more than 3 decades, now  it's time for the new ship to take our young brave voyagers of  friendship and good understanding to the SSEAYP port of calls since 2009, "Fuji Maru".

Fuji Maru was the first of two near identical sister ships built for the Japanese Tokyo based Mitsui OSK line. The 21,903-ton Nippon Maru entered service in 1990. These two ships were built at the Mitsubishi shipyard with the same hull design. The only difference between them is that Fuji Maru was completed with eight decks compared to Nippon Maru’s seven.
Fuji Maru has 1 pool, gymnasium, casino, movie theatre, a two-deck high multi purpose room that can be used as a sports hall or hold 600 seats for corporate conferences and entertainment shows, 164 cabins all with sea views, can carry over 320 passengers and a crew of 190.
These ships are regularly used by Japanese businesses that offer their workers incentive cruises. This line normally cater for Japanese-speaking passengers with their main cruise destinations being in Southeast Asia. The Japanese cruise industry is slowly expanding with the three Japanese cruise lines now operating five modern cruise ships.
Fuji Maru and Nippon Maru are now regularly operated on cruises throughout the world with Australia, New Zealand, Canada & Alaska being their most popular destinations.

MS. Nippon Maru  :

M.S. Nippon Maru had served for the SSEAYP during 1974-2008. Although they were different 3 ships to bear this name serving for the SSEAYP. But they made the same good feeling of friendship and mutual understanding among SSEAYP people as well.

For  identification, we would like to call them as "Nippon Maru-A" ,"Nippon Maru-B" and "Nippon Maru-C".
Ship Specification
Nippon Maru - A   (serving 1974-1975)
Port of registry Tokyo , Japan
Gross tonnage 10,770
Nippon Maru - B   (serving 1976-1989)
Port of registry Tokyo , Japan
Gross tonnage 9,745.12
Main engine 4,050 BHP x 2
Service Speed 16 Knots
Length (Over all) 150.00 m
Breadth (MLD) 20.00 m
Draft  5.62
Nippon Maru - C   (serving 1990-2008)
Port of registry Tokyo , Japan
Gross tonnage 21,903
Main engine 10,450 PS x 2
Service Speed  18 Knots
Length (Over all) 166.6 m
Breadth (MLD) 24.00 m
Draft 6.6

Nippon Maru had served the SSEAYP for more than 3 decades. Long enough for being created a bond of friendship among all participating youth and the ship that we have the song Nippon Maru, which will be sung only on board the ship or in the SSEAYP event. Here is the lyrics of this memorable song.

SSEAYP's Nippon Maru Song
Lyric and Music by Augusto Francisco Jasmin Meyer
Nippon Maru , sailing the blue , blue ocean.
Riding the waves over the deep blue sea.
Can you tell me how much you can cover a day?
Can you tell me how long you have gone
with the purpose of bringing together
young heart and mind?
Nippon Maru , sailing the blue , blue ocean
chasing the wind over the deep blue sea.
Can you take me with you to the ports of the world
with the message of love and peace?
Can you take me to the nations where caring
is only a word to say?
If you carry us over and out to the world
There's a chance we can speak to them all.
There's a chance we can tell them the world's but home
and all people's family!
(repeat first two verses , then fade away)

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